Tuesday, May 8, 2001    


Why dMarie is the Best!

By:Amy M.

I found dMarie.com right after I started scrapbooking. I think I found it by searching for "scrapbooking" and luckily it was in the top 20 hits out of 700 zillion matches! Anyway, I have checked dMarie almost everyday since then. I love to read "dMarie daily"! Ask my dh. He'll tell you..."Hey, Chris, get off Fantasy Football...it's time to check dMarie!"

I also love the layouts! I have to admit, that's the best part! I love to see everyone's ideas. I finally posted some of my own creations, but I am not to "scanner saavy", so I gave up after 4 or so! I like the inspiration section, too. I have used that many times!

I always get asked, "Where did you find that?" "dMarie.com", I say! Finally, there's the shopping. I admit, the several times I have ordered, it was late at night, looking over my shoulder, waiting for dh to come around the corner! It's not easy to hide the 12 reminders I get about my order.

I feel like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible (I'm too young to know the originals!). The music plays, and I am desperately trying to get the mastercard number typed in. I furiously check e-mail for the next couple days, just waiting to see that Chris saw the e-mail first! (A sidenote would be for Mark to not send the total all the time! Wink!) I just love dMarie all the way around!

Oh yeah, one more thing...I laugh out loud at Mark's newsletters. Very funny and very true. Sometimes I can even get dh to read them. He usually doesn't get it, though!

Tomorrow at dMarie Daily: I Love to Scrap, by Mary-Claire G.

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