Thursday, May 8, 2003    


My family at a glance

By:Linda E

Scrapbooking has become more than just a hobby for me... Though it started out as just a way to pass the time....It has become so much more. The reason I love scrapbooking is because of how It has helped me deal with the loss of my mother. When my Mom passed away three years ago..

It was so hard for me to shake the depression and to cope with how much I missed her...I had so many pictures of us taken over the years... But then I also accumulated pictures that belonged to my Mom of her when she was younger and pictures of her as she raised her children single-handedly...I wanted more then anything to preserve these pictures and to put them in a place where they could not get damaged..

Yet also be enjoyed... So I started scrapbooking.....And when I was complete I realized that not only did I have a great scrapbook...But somehow it had helped me through some of my grieving process...
This last year my brother had major heart surgery....while he was recovering I decided to make a scrapbbook for him…Filled with pictures of his life from birth till today.. Filled with all the people who have come and gone in his life... When he was well I gave it to him.. And he was just so thrilled with it.. I gave him a book of wonderful memories to help him through the tough times.

That's what scrapbooking means to me…

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