Thursday, May 9, 2002    


Why I love

By:Jan Hillegass

I have a new favorite store and it is dMarie. I love dMarie because they are always open. Whatever crazy time I decide to shop, I get my order in the FASTEST time possible. Not just once, but every order I have placed. Other companies say they are fast, but they have not shown that they can beat dMarie.

dMarie has quality products! So much so, that if they run out of an item, they will let you know as soon as they get more in! You don't have to remember to check back and see if they have it, they'll remind you that you wanted it!

PRICING is another HUGE value that dMarie offers. They have all the current and latest items, and they are less expensive that the local scrapbook stores. PLUS, with their quick shipping, no tax (I live in NV) and rewards program. I save enough that I can shop again and again! Since we all know that scrapbooking can become quite expensive. Especially if you are like me, and want to have your own of everything!

In closing, dMarie is just awesome! Their customer service has been able to help me upon my need. dMarie is just the best!

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