Saturday, June 1, 2002    


Scrapbooking is the Missing Link

By:Linda Ann Crosby

Have you heard of the missing link? Well, it has finally been found! It is scrapbooking! It not only ties the past to the present and future, but it satisfies the inner soul of women all around the world. Before present day scrapbook-mania, the neanderthal version, quilting bees, were the stepping stone of heartfelt conversation, "wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve friends", productive hands and happy hearts.

But what were quilting bees missing that scrapbooking provides? Tangible pathways into the hearts of each woman's family and friends. Gone are the days of 15 ladies working on one quilt! Here to stay are numerous women working on individual books of love that will remain as a part of each woman's contribution to life.

With the turn of each page, history is preserved, with journaling including the sights, sounds, smells and wonders of our world. We have a great heritage to pass on....our memories, our stories, and our personal glimpses into life through our own eyes. They are a tribute to those that went before us, if we are fortunate enough to have old photos, and to those who will follow after us, they proclaim the importance of life, love and happiness. No one else can create our scrapbooks. It is our calling, our duty and our love.

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