Monday, June 10, 2002    



By:Mary-Claire G.

What do I like most about In one simple word - EVERYTHING!! Checking out the latest and greatest in the shopping section is always fun (and potentially hazardous to my checkbook!). And I fimly believe that dmarie has a special friend at the post office, because that package gets all the way across the country extrememly fast!

Need a title, a layout idea, a specific diecut, sticker, or piece of paper? Need a recipe, advice, gift idea, moral support, a prayer, a shoulder to cry on, a cyber hug? Go to Picture Talk, and someone is sure to have just what you need! Although I lurk far more than I post, the spirit and friendship of the ladies (and occasional guy) who post there never ceases to awe and amaze me.

And the same holds true of Chatland, where I (very) occasionally pop my cyber-head in and am warmly greeted by the "regulars." dMarie and Web Wizard Mark make it possible to not only buy the latest goodies (could you please start selling blocks of time to use them in please?!), but to meet new people, on the web and in person. They encourage friendships and to grow, and listen to what their customers want.

Layout Central is a wonderful, non-judgemental place for people to share their memories, and their creativity. Inspiration comes from all sides when you check out poem place, page toppers, the time capsule, and more.

And I'm lucky enough to soon be meeting new friens that were located through the Fabulous Friend Finder! So, although I like everything at, but my favorite thing of all is the chance to sit back, put up my feet, and come to a place where friendship abounds, and kindness grows.

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