Tuesday, June 11, 2002    


A New Reason to Love Scrapbooking

By:Donna D

A grandson! What a wonderful reason to scrapbook! I recently made an ABC album for him. An ABC album is a great way to build the child’s self image as well as awareness of letters and sounds.
I made sure there were about three photos of my grandson for every letter. For the most part, I used only the “pure” sounds for each letter to keep it simple. (For example: king, kick, kangaroo, for “N” not knock or knight.) Every page followed the same general layout, which gave the album a clean, clear look. Yet, I enjoyed this album because it allowed me to express a lot of creativity and was useful, too.

I know that my grandson (and his parents) will enjoy the photos and the album. But I also know that few things are as motivating to learning for a small child, than for the learning tool to be personalized. Pictures of himself doing, holding or playing with objects starting with letters will really cause him to take an interest in reading skills.

I think I will submit the album so everyone can see it – and my wonderful grandson!

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