Wednesday, June 11, 2003    


What Scrapbooking Means To Me

By:Anne CJ

My love of scrapbooking begain 1 1/2 years ago when I discovered that it was more than stickers, decorative sissors, and plain white paper. I found that I could incorporate all of the various other crafts that I so enjoy into this one art. I can use my sewing skills, my crocheting, crosstitch design skills plus all the creativity bottled up inside into this one craft.

This craft has become very important to me in respect to preserving all of the special occasions, as well as the ordinary moments. This craft has opened my eyes to looking for lifes ordinary moments to capture who my subjects are, their unique qualities, as well as the good and bad times. I have been provided a place to document life as it is, thus changing my life as I now look for moments and feelings expressed by my family and friends to capture who they are today.

I now document life as it is, not only through the photos but also through the journaling that I add to each page, providing a place for my children to know who they were as children, who their parents and other loved ones are as well. Since beginning this craft I have found that I am far more involved than I ever thought I would be. This leads me to what I like the best about, I love the product selection offered, the customer service is outstanding, and the prices are the best.

One of the first places I visited when I began scrapbooking was the Time Capsule, I love this, as I can go back to past generations and document what life was like then, what was going on and compare it to life today, by completing the same sorts of layouts for the current generation. In a nutshell, scrapbooking is a very large part of my life, I love the doors that it has opened and will continue to open in the future as I grow in the craft.

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