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By:Goofy, Sandy, OR

I absolutely LOVE dMarie. I LOVE to shop at dMarie, LOVE to chat at dMarie, LOVE to post at dMarie, LOVE to look for inspiration at dMarie, LOVE to submit layouts to dMarie, and LOVE to look at layouts at dMarie.

So now I have to pick what I like MOST about dMarie?? Well let's see...

dMarie Direct has the fastest shipping around;
dMarie Direct has an awesome online selection;
dMarie has a place to meet new friends;
dMarie has a place to ask questions and to answer others questions;
dMarie has a chatroom that I feel completely safe chatting in;
dMarie has Mark to maintain an online store, message boards, chatrooms, and to keep us happy ;

I honestly LOVE everything about this website. If I lived in California I would probably shop exclusively at her store front.

But since the question is, "What do I like most about or dMarie Direct", then I would have to say Donna Marie herself.

dMarie is always there popping her head in on the bulletin boards to answer new product questions or to point us in the direction for all the details. dMarie is quick to get the newest products in. dMarie offers us the lowest prices, or at least they are much lower then any of my lss's. And the shipping is very reasonable and fast.

What I am trying to say, in a nutshell, would be that dMarie has the best customer service that I have come in contact with and that is what keeps me coming back for more!

Tomorrow at dMarie Daily: Scrapbooking hasn't changed my life, it RUNS my life!, by Goofy, Sandy, OR

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