Saturday, June 14, 2003    


Scrapbooking...My New-found Passion

By:Anne CJ

I have to give credit to my sister here, as she was the one that introduced me to the world of scrapbooking! She had attended a couple of in-home parties where she began to learn the "basics" of this craft, she then brought it to me. This craft quickly became a passion for me as it opened up a new avenue for my family to get together and share memories, thoughts and dreams. I have had more of an opportunity to get to know my sister as a friend. My mom, although originally reluctant to admit that she was intrigued with this craft has since joined her daughters in the love of preserving the past and present, giving all of us more of an opportunity to know eachother as individuals. Both of my sons love it when I go to work on pictures of them, that I can tell a story about what was happening in their lives. Although my husband does not admit it openly, I can see it on his face that he truely enjoys this craft as well, as I am able to tell of his life. My grandmother has also come a little closer to the craft as well. I have had more opportunities to learn about her life as a child through adulthood. Scrapbooking has and will continue to serve as a bridge for the generations in my family.

Scrapbooking is also very important to me as I am involved in genealogy research of my family and that of my husbands'. I can take the old photos and do more than merely put names with the photos, I can tell a story about their lives. I love the fact that generations that follow myself will be able to look at the work that I have done and "know" those that came before them as real people and not simply as aged photos.

The changes that have taken place in my life since beginning to scrapbook are so many and in many instances so deep. I now look past the obvious when taking photographs, I look to define the emotions as well as the events that are occuring. I now seek out opportunities to take photos, so I can in some way capture the essence of the person that is my subject. Once the photos are developed, I am given the opportunity to journal about the event and the personality of the subject, allowing them to see themselves through my eyes. I also seek out information from them to include in my journaling.

dMarie has become an important part of my passion as well, as it has given me a place to meet new people, grow as a person as well as an "artist". I visit this site often in search of ideas & suggestions when I face the inevitable "scrappers block".

Scrapbooking for me has become more than a craft, it is an avenue to enrich my life and all those around me, a true passion.

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