Sunday, June 15, 2003    


Circle of Friends

By:Sherry J.

When I married and began raising a family, I slowly let all my friends from my childhood and high school slip away, as we were all busy building new lives. With my children almost grown and returning to the workforce full time, I realized that I had no close friends, only acquaintances. In 1998 I attended my first CM workshop with a co-worker.

Now, four years later, I am still scrapbooking and my circle of friends is starting to grow again. I still scrapbook with some of the same ladies I met that first night and my relationship with my CMC is one that I consider a friendship. Also, I found a previous co-worker that I worked with from 1980-1990 at a crop and we have re-established our friendship.

This past year I interested four teachers, the school nurse and her daughter in joining me in scrapbooking and they all have caught the bug now! As an added bonus, our interest in scrapping has evolved into friendships. We shop together, support each other in times of emergencies, go to the movies, all the things that "friends" do. In addition to these great friends, I also have cultivated friendships with people I have met on-line.

I meet once a month to crop with my on-line friends, have traveled to expos, and attended scrap camps with my cyber friends. Three of these friends started right here with the dMarie friend finder! I am happy to say that some of these relationships have also slipped from the boundaries of "cyberspace" into "real life."

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