Tuesday, June 17, 2003    


What do I like most about dMarie

By:Lesia, Arab, AL

There are 2 things I like most about dMarie. One is the shopping Ė dMarie shopping is pleasant because the organization is wonderful, with the search function, and the different categories. Things are not hard to find. And, if an item is out of stock, I know it will be restocked in a timely manner. New products are also available for purchase.

Since dMarie is a scrapper too, she knows what the scrapping community wants and tries to stock the newest items. Delivery is fast, service is wonderful. Even with the rising costs of postage, the dMarie shopping is cheaper than going to my local scrapbook store. Of course, just cause I shop here doesnít mean I donít go to the LSS. However, the LSS is usually behind in products. Iím always telling them the stuff I found at dMarie.

The other thing I like about dMarie is that it led me to the best group of friends I could ever find. These friendships range from New York State to California. We meet each other when we can, and we email each other many many times a day. We plan visits to different states, and we call each other on the phone. Without dMarie, I would never have met these wonderful ladies.

Lesia Love


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