Saturday, June 2, 2001    


dMarie Frienships

By:Nordy SLC, UT

I have been away from the dMarie Bulletin Boards for a number of months now. But earlier this week when I came back to visit I was amazed at how much it felt like "coming home." I didn't even know if anyone would remember me, it had been so long since I had been involved. But sure enough I received many warm "Welcome Back" messages and it seemed as though I'd never left.

When I first discovered dMarie two years ago I mostly spent time in the chat room. It was only after several months chatting that I finally explored the rest of the site and discovered what wonderful camaraderie and friendships existed on the BB's! I have truly admired the women who are so dedicated to sharing things and caring about each other....and even working through the occasional "controversies" with minimal bloodshed!! LOL This is a great group of women, who for all intents and purposes are strangers, but who still are able to come together through the amazing world of the internet to share time and thoughts and chatter together, as well the a common interest of scrapbooking. dMarie ladies are the best!


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