Sunday, June 2, 2002    


Time flys when you're having fun.

By:Brandy Daniels

I know scrapbooking has changed my life for the better. I used to always forget my camera and hope someone at the event would have one. Now I never forget the camera. I take pictures of everything. I know there can be a cute page with any daily event.

More importantly, now I'm capturing every momement of my children's lives. They truly do grow so fast. I want them to see and remember all the fun times we had while they were growing up.
Scrapbooking allows me to capture that moment in time with all the excitement we experienced at the time of the event.

What could the pictures in a box or plain album say to my children, Not much. I want them to relive each moment.

This leads to the reason why scrapbooking is so important to me. Not only does it capture my family memories, it also brings family closer together. I scrapbook with my daughter, my cousin and my aunt. We spent Friday nights talking and cropping. As we sit and preserve each of our own families' memories we are making new ones. These may not show up in the pages of my scrapbook, but they live in the pages of my heart.

An activity such as scrapbooking is priceless. It not only captures memories on paper for future generations, but also brings different generations together now.

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