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What I like most about

By:By Heather in Britain

There are many things I like about dMarie. Itís impossible to tie it down to one thing:

1. I like the cheery newsletters from Mark, telling about new products and filled with other ramblings.

2. I like the helpfulness of the members on the board. Whether a question is scrapbook related or not someone has an answer.

3. I like the new ideas that are generated by people on the board.

4. There are lots of great layouts to look at. I like how there are new layouts every day. I like how you can search for a layout on a particular topic.

5. The product range. What can I say? Almost any product you want is to be found in the Shopping Area. Itís good to know the shopping is secure. Itís fun to surf from aisle to aisle, shelf to shelf, either looking for something in particular or on a serendipity search Ė see what might pop up.

6. DMarie is a great resource for scrapbookers. The time capsule is useful for all sorts of layouts and itís good to be able to search for a quote or poem on a particular topic.

7. I like the annual bowls, even if Iíve yet to win something 

8. Who knows, someday I might even be able to visit the ďrealĒ (i.e. bricks and mortar) dMarie store and meet the real dMarie.

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