Tuesday, June 24, 2003    


What I like most about Dmarie.com!

By:Alicia V.

I like the chatroom the best out of all of DMarie. I like it because I have mild physical disablities and not many friends because I don't drive. As a result of this, I get very lonely. The DMarie chatroom provides me with connections to meet people and most of the people lift my spirits and give me excellent ideas for scrapbooking and sometimes just life in general. I find almost all of the people in the chatroom very supportive and very interesting. It is very enlightening to hear of their talents and scrapbooking endeavors.

I also like when they reccomend a particular website or product because then I can check it out for myself. I find most of the people easy to relate to which makes them easy to talk to. The people always pick me up when my disabilties get me down.

I also feel that the monitors handle the website in a very dignified manner which I know we all value.

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