Saturday, June 28, 2003    


Scrapbooking as therapy

By:Chrisitie S.

I am really nuts. My children (five) and dogs (between five and thirteen... don't ask why, it's a looong story)have driven me over the edge. I can't afford therapy (too much money spent on groceries and dog food) so a pastor's wife dragged my kicking and screaming, dog pictures in hand to a home scrapbook party.

I spent a huge amount of money for things that I learned later I didn't need. I was weak and the rabid sales person had me totally on the carpet waving my charge card in surrender. I did enjoy myself, even though I got many strange stares because I was scrapping puppy pics instead of baby pics. I was hooked so I went home and spent my spare moments tacking pictures to pages then cursing because I put them in the wrong order and couldn't change them around (this was the anger part of my therapy.

Finally after months of work I figured there must be other ways to do this. Having a computer and teenagers I took over the computer and discovered a whole new world. I found dMarie and was able to discover things like post bound albums that allows for pages to be moved and Hermafix which allows the user to correct mistakes. I had found Nirvanna!

I completed the anger part of my therapy and moved completely into the joy mode....I was free to do my albums my way and I even began scrapping my childrens' pics. I still can't spell but I'm having fun.

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