Sunday, June 3, 2001    


Proud to be a dMarie ~dood~!

By:Sophia in UT

When the term Dot.Com became a common household word all over the world, this scrapper was not about to "go there" for fear of the "ax murderer" lurking on the other end of that connection. But, after a few years of incessant pleas from my family, I finally broke down, bought a new computer and clicked on "connect".

It was a few months before I dared go any further than looking at the home page at dMarie. And then one night, I took the plunge...I went into CHATLAND! Little did I know the changes would come to pass, all because of the click of a mouse!

Coming to dMarie is like walking into the largest scrapbook convention in the world, and the best thing about it is that it's here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter how many wild turns my real life takes, I can peek in weekly, daily or hourly for a shot in the arm! It's a great feeling to know that I have the latest ideas on everything from organizing my scrapping supplies to step-by-step help on elaborate punchart pages to just getting a boost to get me going on that next layout right at my fingertips!

I'm convinced that cyber-scrappers lead the trends in the world of Scrapbooking. The products that I have bought as a direct result from the threads in Picture Talk are endless! Let one scrapper fall in love with a new product and mention it here at dMarie... it quickly becomes a MUST HAVE for all! And, as for those scrapping "duds", I've saved many a dollar by checking in first with my cyber buddies before heading to the LSS!

Many of my cyber-scrapping pals live in the "scrapping desert". They don't have the opportunity to go to local crops or get-togethers with other scrapping friends. Going to Chatland is like going to a crop anytime, day or night. BUT, watch out for that latenight crowd! They get a wee bit rowdy! LOL

If I'm in need of some great inspiration or simply just looking for something to do, browsing Layout Central is the answer! Hundreds of Layouts, Titles, toppers, quotes, poems, inspirational thoughts... just what I needed for that shot in the arm!

Living in "Scrap Heaven", one would think that I have little need for dMarie Direct and yet there are many times that I have found the latest products here before the LSS down the street!

I've learned about placenta, the latest movies, parenting, etiquette or even the latest update on the soaps! I've spent countless hours at scrapping retreats, conventions and get-aways with many of my dMarie friends!!

And to me, the most important thing about dMarie is friends! Over the past few years, my life has been totally enhanced by the many friendships that have been developed in my world of cyber-scrapping! Little did I know that I would meet some of the most fascinating, interesting people in my life! Nor did I realize that I would meet some of my dearest friends through my dMarie connections.

But, the friendships that began in the cyber-walls of dMarie have gone far beyond that. It sounds sort of crazy, but has really made my already wild and crazy life, more fun than I ever dreamed! I've thought about the things that have changed in my life since opening that door. From the job I landed in a national scrapbooking magazine to learning some of my favorite scrapping techniques to making some of my greatest friends ever... the beginnings of many of these changes would never been possible, were it not for this great site that Mark and Donna have given us to gather our hearts, our minds and our talents.

Thanks, Mark and Donna! You're the best!

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