Monday, June 3, 2002    


Why Do I Scrap?

By:Linda Ann Crosby

Why do I scrap? Easy! Scrapbooking is a full-contact sport that engages all five senses. There is nothing more satisfying than picking up your double prints from Walmart and seeing those same prints beautifully accented on completed scrapbooking pages, except, of course, the actual process of getting the pages done!

The smell of the glue pen, the pigment marker and the freshly printed photos are sweet fragrances to my nose. The vibrant colors of cardstock, punches and stickers are a rainbow of delightful beauty to my eye. The feel of corrugated paper, a cloth bound album and my cropping scissors are smooth textures to my hands.

The repetitive sounds of laughter, corner roudners and cries of dismay (when adhesive adheres voluntarily!) are a symphony to my ears. But most importantly are the pleasures of the tastes of scrapbooking. The tanginess of the pencil eraser as I plan my next move, the sugariness of one end of a 12" borderline sticker (when I needed another hand!) and the saltiness of blood when the circle cutter goes awry are all bitterweet flavors telling me that scrapbooking is being accomplished.

Men scrap and punch to try and prove something, but they come home with empty hands. Where else could I engage all five senses and come home with something to show for my efforts? No where else that I have found. Women have sports figured out! Long live scrapbooking!

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