Wednesday, June 4, 2003    


Reflections on my Scrapbooking

By:Leslee W.

As I reflect on this past year of scrapbooking, I find so many changes.
I find sorrows and hurts in my pages that I have never had before in my life. The loss of loved ones will always be remembered in this year. Their faces, eyes, smiles, words and memories carefully captured by the pages I have made to honor their lives.

I find joys so great that my hear almost bursts. A new son, who came so soon after the death of another loved one. The pain of that death fleeing for moments as we embraced this precious child. Watching him grow and learning about this world around him. From tiny infant to an explorer, how exciting my pages have been!!!

Our beautiful baby girl growing and changing into the toddler and preschooler who is so inquisitive about everything surrounding her. Watching her interests peak and change... capturing the furrowed brow, the bright eyes, her glowing smiles, and the serenity of sleep all in pictures. Then made into pages she will cherich for the rest of her life.

And me... these things have changed my heart, my mind, and my life forever. I see myself growing as I create pages that reflect our lives. I am reaching beyond my own boundaries, breaking rules I once had for my scrapbooks and designing pages that I never thought possible. For once, not making them for others to look at and praise, but for me... to help heal the hurst of my heart, to celebrate the joys of my soul and to remember these days that are so precious to me.

I have met many new friends this year. People who will not simply fade from my life, but will continue to build friendships, and would you ever think that would happen in a chat room. There are those whith whom I have shared troubles, and sorrows, and happiness as well. We have lifted each other in prayer and in heart to help carry one another to the next step in our lives... all because of a common interest in scrapping. We have been meant to meet up, to share our thoughts, ideas, and creativity. To listen to advise, to explain, and to laugh with each other, and that has been a gift.

The thrill of watching my husband not only enjoy my scrapping pages, but show interest, and make suggestions, and recommend pictures he would like to see becaom a part of our albums has also been a blessing. To know that he appreciates the work, and will cherish what I have put into them.
This year has been full or scrapping opportunities, of friends, family, and love. It has been our biggest year of change ever and I have saved the moments that are most important to us... they will be our legacy.

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