Wednesday, June 5, 2002

By:Mickey Smith

This site is wonderful in so many ways. First--I love the ease of navigation. I've been on those other sites and its just not the same. Mark has spoiled us with all his computer expertise. This site is well organized and easy to use. Well,that makes it easy to get around and shop,catch up at picture talk or chat in the chat rooms. I think this site is personal too. I love it when Mark gets online and puts in his 2 cents. And dMarie is there to field questions about the latest products and when they will come in.

There are wonderful people here too. I love "meeting" people from all over the country. This site has broadened my horizons An internet buddy described how she felt during a quake that was on the news,

When the 911 disaster happened our friends in New York gave us an inkling of what they were feeling,so eloquently. dMariers have described fires,floods, but also the beauty of mountains and desert and sunrises and rainbows. I have seen all this thru the eyes of people who were there. It gives you a sense of how big the world is,and all because of .

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