Thursday, June 5, 2003    


Scrapbooking has Changed My Life by....

By:Denise McClung

Because of scrapbooking I am now pay more attention to the little things in life. I now notice my little girl's giggles more often because of scraping. When my son makes up another new cool game for us to play, I make sure I write about it in his journal.

I now also make a bigger effort to spend QUALITY time with each of my children just laughing, playing and watching them be happy. Sitting down at my work table trying to decide what my next page is going to be about certaining has made me give more thought to what kind of mother I am what kind of mother my children think I am.

The other side of this is that I now have something new to obsess about and spend my money on! At least it's something that after the money and time is spent and gone, I definately have something to show for it!

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