Thursday, June 6, 2002    


Why I love to scrapbook

By:Angie M

Scrapbooking is such a fun way of telling your story through your pictures and words. I've always been into crafts so this was just the thing for me when I found it 4 years ago. I really had no idea at the time how much it mean to me as time went on. Whenever I am feeling blue or stressed, all I need to do is get out my scrapping stuff and start working and soon I feel great again.

The joy of scrapbooking is not over once the project you are working on is done. Everyday I get to relive the fun of doing the page in seeing who other members of the family enjoy looking at the books also. I know that years from now, my children will still love to look at the pictures and read all the journaling I have written. I only wish that I had known about scrapbooking years earlier and had written down more in the past years of the kids' lives.

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