Saturday, June 7, 2003    


Why is scrapbooking important?!

By:Ann Marie B.

Why are the newspapers we all pour over daily important?! Why are the radios we listen to and the magazines we subcribe to in hordes important?! Why do our kids tote around history books and are our librarys filled with so many books about the past?!

Documenting history is an essential part of living! So I do not consider myself a mere scrapbooker (though I am proud to wear that title!! :o) ), but instead a well practiced historian!! I am documenting history!! I am writing the stories of my children's youth with pictures and die cuts and punches and adorable stickers! I am filling pages upon pages with the stories that accompany our most favorite memories!

I am creating journals and pictorials for them to share with their children and their children's children! I am not just emptying my hubby's wallet with no purpose!! I am on a mission! A mission that is of the utmost importance! It is not just a hobby, but my duty to wander up and down the aisles of every craft store within a 104 mile radius to collect the finest supplies! All the punches and templates and pretty papers that will so beautifully cradle my life story as well as my babies! So, in short! Scrapbooking is so important because it makes all our pasts come to life over and over again!! :o)

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