Saturday, June 8, 2002    


Thank Heavens Scrapbooking Came Into My Life

By:Michelle Rae Sperl

I was introduced to scrapbooking only two months after my son, Austin, was born. It was a very difficult time for me and the fear of loosing the person I had been for 29 years was becoming overwelming.

Learning how to scrapbook was only the beginning of what would become a wonderful way of life!
It isn't only the preserving of family memories and heritage that make this hobby/craft so important to me. It is the TIME I get to be by myself and reflect privately on my families lives. It is the friendships (both online and in person) that I have made and will continue to make through scrapbooking. It is the week-end retreats I occasionally attend to get away from it all. It is the excitement that the release of a new product gives me! Scrapbooking is so important to me because it has allowed me to still be myself and enjoy being ME!!! Thank Heavens Scrapbooking came into my life when I needed it the most!

Michelle Rae Sperl

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