Sunday, June 9, 2002    


What's To Love About Dmarie

By:Michelle Rae Sperl

I love Dmarie because I have learned so much from this wonderful Scrapbooking Website! I also love it because of the wonderful friendships I've made from visiting Dmarie. Dmarie is an awesome place for so many reasons!

There isn't another online site who can consistantly mail you a scrapbook order faster than Dmarie! (and get the order correct!!! lol)

This site has so many interesting topics! Where else can you go to get the best Taco Soup recipe in the world or hash out your favorite Thursday evening television show?

I have learned where to find some of the best new scrapbook products from other posters on this site. (And I've shared quite a few of my own....The $4.99 PSB Binder at Michael's and the $7 Iris Carts at Rite-Aid!)

I've seen some of the greatest layouts of all times on Layout Central! The talent that flocks this board is truly amazing!

The Poem Place has saved me many times while working on layouts and in my journal. The Dmarie Time capsule is another amazing source of information when working on my layouts. And I can't count the number of times I've rushed to Dmarie Page Toppers to find the perfect title for a spread in my album!

One of the things I absolutely love the most about Dmarie is the way it has permitted me to meet so many wonderful people and make some lasting *real world* relationships!!!!

I love visiting Dmarie daily and so thankful for Dmarie!!! It is one of my favorite things about my day!

Thank you Dmarie!!!

Tomorrow at dMarie Daily: Untitled, by Mary-Claire G.

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