Monday, June 9, 2003    


The Perfect Hobby

By:Joyce P.

Scrapbooking is important to me because it has made it possible for me to organize events and people in my life so I can pass it on to future generations. Before I started scrapbooking my photos and memories were scattered and I quickly forgot the significance of many things. Now there is a clear presentation of things in my life from the simple (gardening, shopping, etc) to the truly big moments (becoming a Grandmother!).

It is a wonderful reliever of stress. I love starting a new page. The gathering of what will go into it and why each component is important to that particular page. Of course I also love looking at my completed pages. Sometimes I get caught up looking at my finished pages and run out of time. But that is ok because scrapbooking lends itself very well to working on it for just a few minutes at a time or hours on end. I really think it is the perfect hobby.

dMarie direct has been a wonderful contributor to my being able to organize and preserve my memories. When I am up at 2 in the morning I can log on and purchase items to help present my stories. I do not have to wait til the rest of the world is up and the stores open. Their website is so well organized and easy to use. I can be half asleep and still easily find what I want. I love looking at other peoples pages. Some are just too cute. I don't get into the store very often, but when I do it is great. The staff is so friendly and helpful I find myself lingering just to share a little more conversation.

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