Sunday, July 13, 2003    


Loving Artistry

By:Nina W.

After losing my parents, and sifting through the memorabilia in the attic of our family home, so many questions surfaced that I was compelled to delve into my genealogy to find the answers. My research uncovered amazing stories, plus helped me to identify unlabeled photos. With my newfound knowledge, I created photo albums, placing the photos in attractive, expensive, sticky-page albums. Within ten years, I was aware of the damage being done to my precious photos. The pictures needed to be preserved; yet I was ignorant of the proper storage methods.

Fortunately, my daughter was introduced by some friends to scrapbooking. She was trying to explain this process on the telephone while simultaneously sending me to Web sites illustrating what she was describing to me. I knew instantly that I had to become involved in this hobby. It was essential to redo my genealogy albums, and the idea of journaling in the albums was such a fabulous idea! There are so many stories to be told about my family history which will be lost again if I do not record the stories.

One can preserve and journal photos on plain pages, but the decorative aspect of the hobby is what makes it addictive. Artistic people produce outstanding layouts. The rest of us discover that we have more creativity within us than we realized as we attempt to copy ideas from the masters of the art, altering the patterns to our own schemes. Anyone can create pages which are works of loving artistry. I am more shocked than anyone that I, a non-crafter, am having so much fun with paper, glue, and scissors!

Nina Walsh

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