Monday, July 14, 2003    


Preserve the Memory

By:Donna D

Preserve the Memory

I will always remember when
my child took his first step.
I will certainly remember
my first kiss.
I am sure I will remember
every detail about my late Mother.

No, alas, was it my first born
who first stepped at 11 months,
or my youngest?
I know it's written down somewhere.

Wayne tried to kiss me
but I got away!
So who was the first kiss?
How old was I?
I thought I would always remember.

My Mother was such a special woman.
Such a sweet mother.
Such a determined champion of good.
Yet I have nothing to show
her grandchildren
what she meant to me.

I learned so late of scrapbooking
which could have prevented
these memory lapses.

A new motto I have claimed -
"Write it down!"
Take a picture!
Journal on the page!
Everything unique about
a day,
a friend,
a disappointment,
a relationship,
a class
Preserve the Memory

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