Wednesday, July 16, 2003    


Why Scrapbooking is satire

By:Chrisitie S.

Scrapbboking is an important weapon of revenge. She who has the pictures and writes the stories has he power! Think about it, thirty to fifty years from now everyone who looks at your scrapbooks will believe what is written there. This is a good way to keep the kids and hubby in line!

I always make sure I pick up the film at the developers. This way I alone hold hostage all the awful pictures that my family never wants shown in the light of day. Your daughter doesn't want to do the dishes? Just flash some horrible shot and threaten to do a two page spread with this photo as the centerpiece (you can even suggest it be enlarged to an 8X10)and your teenager will go screaming to the kitchen with the desired results.

You, as Mom have all the embarrassing stories stored away in your brain. Get upset at your hubby, don't scream and yell, do a layout of one of his most embarrassing moments. You can then post in on the internet or send it to a magazine. You will get your pound of flesh.

Scrapbooking is an empowering tool for women, most have just not realized it. Get the most out of scrapbooking, don't just use it as a way to archive pictures, use it to rule!

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