Sunday, July 27, 2003    


How has scrapbooking changed my life.

By:skogy, Burnsville, Mn

It has changed my life because I can give back and teach other about this wonderful hobby. In March I started a wonderful job at my local Local Scrapbook Store. Little did I know it would become a full time career, take me to New Jersey and Las Vegas in 9 months.

The owner saw something in me and asked if I would like to teach and I jumped at the chance! Now I can help children get started with stickers and glue sticks and I can help a frail women battle cancer for the third time get her books together for her children and grand children. The best thing happened on Friday she came in to tell me she didn't so rushed to finish, she was in remission!!

It brough tears to my eyes. That she even thought to come in and tell me meant alot. Sure I get to see the latest trends and experiment on the lastes techniques but its the little things that matter in my job the most. I've gotten to know some of these people, their children, their memories and I have to say I am lucky to be able to work at soemthing I love to do so much!!! I only hope I am able to pass on half of my passion to them that I have about this hobby and now I need to find some time to work on all my projects!!

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