Saturday, July 5, 2003    


What I did during DMarie VI -

By:Lyn M.

I was very happy that Mark made this weekend the DMarie Bowl...I wasn't home and didn't get sucked into looking for those little brown oval I had in the past...because once you can't stop! (Must be like the Lays Potato Chip!)...But, I knew that I'd be able to write an Essay.

I was away from my computer for a very good reason...I was at a Scrapbook Retreat in Prescott AZ. CCM (Crazy Cow Croppers Mom) was there as well as her sister (who doesn't want to be know as Crazy Cow Croppers we need to find a name for her...she likes fish....Hmmmm!)

I Scrapped for about 31 of the 40 hours available (actually subtract a couple of hours - because I took two terrific classes and had a half hour back massage...oh, and then I also found time to eat!

ANYWAY....I got 108 pages done![Not a typo - you can confirm it with CCM! (I think last year in 31 hours I found a couple of thousand points in the football contest...) So although I'd enjoyed searching for those Little brown oval thingies...I really feel good about almost catching up with my son's albums!

The other benefit...the other ladies at the retreat (some of the 60) voted me Queen Bee - so I got some goodies and a tiara! (I had to give back the would have looked so good with my fuzzy VW Slippers!)

Tomorrow at dMarie Daily: Memories, by Kathy F.

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