Sunday, July 6, 2003    



By:Kathy F.

Scrapbooking gives us a chance to relive our memories. Each picture tells a story of our life and when perserving that we can enjoy the moment all over again. I've found photos I'd forgotten I had and was pleased to be able to remember the time it was taken, who was in my life and what I was doing. I love being able to go back into time and being able to share my memories with those I scrap with as well as those that my books will pass on to. I find that since scrapbooking I can easily find reasons to take pictures... always thinking of a new book to start.

The importance of all this scraping is to perserve and be able to pass on all those memories. It also is a very special way to display and share the photos of your life. An outlet for your creativity and way to stretch the imagination.

Scraping has brought me closer to some relatives that share the love of scraping. Without haveing started scraping I may never have gotten to know my sister-in-laws or had as much quality time with family members.

The dMarie site has given me the convenience of shopping at home, a wide selection of scraping supplies, great scraping ideas and wonderful prices even with the shipping. I truly like the selection of papers and other products offered here and am happy it was suggested to me to take a look.

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