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How scrapbooking has changed my life

By:By Heather in Britain

Scrapbooking has changed my life in many ways since I first discovered it in 1998.

A little background first on how I discovered scrapbooking. At first I didnít even know it was called scrapbooking. I saw an album someone had made for my sisterís wedding and learned it was made by a company called Creative Memories. A few search engine searches and I learned it was a hobby called scrapbooking and was really taking off. How has it changed my life since then?

1. I now have a hobby. Before hand I enjoyed things like travel and reading but didnít have a day-to-day hobby. Now I have scrapbooking.

2. I spend a lot more time on the computer than I used to. (For this reason my husband probably wishes I hadnít discovered scrapbooking since I now compete with him for time on our computer at home.)

3. I am considering taking a second job to fund my scrapbooking habit! Not that Iím a big spender but there are things Iíd like to buy (e.g. the Deluxe Cuts templates) and can better justify seeing the charges on the credit card if thereís a little extra money coming into the house. Of course working more means scrapping less Ė a tough pay-off!

4. I have made new friends, both online and in real life. One of my overseas friends has visited me in Britain and Iíve visited her in America.

Mostly changes for the good :-)

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