Saturday, August 2, 2003    


life only gets better!

By:Nettie C.

I had a traumatic childhood. I do not remember many things from those years. My family has cut off contact with me rather than to face the realities of our life. I am now married and have a lovely 6 1/2 year old son.

Scrapbooking is not only a way of recording this new families history but it has also opened up other doors for me. I love to scrapbook as each picture, each layout is another memory trip. usually a happy one. As an example, I waited to do the scrapbbok of our trip to Hawaii til winter. Winter here is dark drizzley and dismal. For over a month I have ignored the weather and relived my trip to Hawaii. My son's teacher asked me to compile a scrapbbook for their class this year. I have always seemed to have my creative talents squashed and that is something that I have found with scrapbooking is that I am very creative! It has been an incredible self-esteem builder.

I am so thankful for the dMarie site. I live on a small isolated island in Alaska and this site makes it possible to keep in contact with other scrappers, purchase products from a wonderful selection, find scrapping friends in my area. I have a home day care and during the nap time I usually take a bit of time to relax and I often go to the dMarie site. I cant thank dMarie enough for being out there or the friend who turned me on to the site. Thanks Nancy!

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