Thursday, August 7, 2003    


Why is scrapbooking important?

By:Gina L.

Scrapbooing is important for so many reasons. The first one that came to my mind when I saw the question was the word information. It is so easy to say right now, oh yeah, I will remember this forever. But how often do you get to a set of pictures and while you may remember the year and maybe the month, but what about the date and the specific reason you took the picture. This also ties into the fact that I want my girls to know the people in the pictures. For who will actually be around to tell them all the dates and names. Although a person might still be around, that doesn't mean their mind will be to share all that important information.

Second, I know I enjoy going back and looking thru the pictures and cards of when I was a kid. It tells so much, such as the times and styles of the period. And also shows the many changes that we go as we grow. This also ties in that scrapbooking doesn't just have to be pictures. I have done some albums for my girls of their schoolwork. This gives them the memories of school and shows such things as how their handwriting has changed over the years.

Third, and what I think is the most, but maybe self-centered, reason is the fact that scrapbooking has opened a whole new world for me. The first being that I have found many great sites, especially the ones that include shopping. But also these sites have lead me to chats and meeting of some really great people. If it were not for the sites and learning about the conventions going on, I would not have met some of the best friends I have now.

In conclusion, although scrapbooking may take a chunk of time out of your life, isn't it important so that you may have the chance to pass along information that may other wise be lost. And to give yourself time to do something you love and spend it with friends.

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