Friday, August 8, 2003    



By:Mary-Claire G.

I love to scrapbook because it's a wonderfully creative way to preserve many memories which might otherwise be lost in time. By scrapbooking, I hope to not only provide my family with "who" is in the photos, but why and when, and where, and why was this event, day, or moment special enough to preserve.

My son will not only be able to realize that that is his great-grandmother in the photos, but also will have the story of why this particular visit was so special, how his great-grandmother felt upon meeting him for the first time, and so much more.

I hope my family will realize that not only are the photos important, but the stories and family history behind the photos are even more important to share and treasure. In addition to keeping memories, scrapbooking has become a way to share time with old friends, and meet new ones. As I scrap, by myself or with friends, I recall old memories, and build new ones, and I love every minute of it!!!

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