Carrie C.
Featured Layout Category
All American KidPeople/Children A to B
Austin Crayon PicsPeople/Children C to G
Autumn in the Air (flipover)Seasons/Fall
Autumn in the Air (left)Seasons/Fall
Autumn in the Air (right)Seasons/Fall
Baby Tate Gift LayoutEvents/Memorial
BathTimePeople/Children A to B
Beach BoysPlaces/Beach
Beach BoysPlaces/Beach
Beary EggcitingHolidays/Easter
Beary EggcitingHolidays/Easter
Bountiful Blessing (L)Seasons/Fall
Bountiful Blessing (R)Seasons/Fall
By the SeaPlaces/Beach
By the SeaPlaces/Beach
Clownin' Around (L)People/Children C to G
Clownin' Around (R)People/Children C to G
Cogar ChristmasHolidays/Christmas A to C
Cogar Christmas (left)Holidays/Christmas A to C
Enjoying Nature (L)Places/Misc. Places
Enjoying Nature (R)Places/Misc. Places
Flower Child (L)Seasons/Spring
Flower Child (R)Seasons/Spring
Fly Away Crow (L)Seasons/Fall
Fly Away Crow (R)Seasons/Fall
Friends (left)People/Friends
Friends (right)People/Friends
Get In Gear (left)Events/Military
Get In Gear (right)Events/Military
Go StingraysEvents/Sports
Gone Fishin'Places/Camping/Fishing
Gone Fishin'Places/Camping/Fishing
HALEYPeople/Baby G to M
History of Ellis Island (L)Places/Misc. Places
History of Ellis Island (right)Places/Misc. Places
I get my kicks from soccerEvents/Sports
JOY (left)Holidays/Christmas D to M
JOY (right)Holidays/Christmas D to M
Lil Luv BugPeople/Children H to M
Lil Luv Bug rightPeople/Children H to M
Our First Snow (L)Seasons/Winter
Our First Snow (R)Seasons/Winter
ROSEBUDSPeople/Children N to S
Slam Dunk-AustinPeople/Children A to B
Sleepy boys (left)People/Children N to S
Sleepy boys (right)People/Children N to S
Snowy Splender (left)Seasons/Winter
Snowy Splender (right)Seasons/Winter
Soccer (left)Events/Sports
Soccer (right)Events/Sports
Teacher AlbumPlaces/School
Teacher AlbumPlaces/School
Think SpringSeasons/Spring
Think SpringSeasons/Spring

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