Sunday, April 15, 2001    


The Miracle of Scrapbooking

By:linda c.

I call it a miracle because it finally got all the boxes of pictures
Out of my closet and on to pages….All those years of saying I will Get to them, well finally 4 years ago I did get to them..
In the process of sorting and putting pictures in order, I found My children enjoying everything I did with their pictures..
And then the pictures that we continued taking made us

All laugh and cry.

Layouts emerged showing a child raising a chicken.
Kids in plays and dogs playing out in the rain.
My teenage son drove me many times to the local SB store.
And yes he even came in..

My children have found that we can make friends from all
Over the world and they can be there for you as close as a phone Call or email when something happens in your family.. This is what Dmarie has given to me. Making friends of total strangers that Know when you need someone to talk to.

My 22-yr. old son left home 18months ago to be with a gal
that didn't want any part of us,his family..

My son Curtis became a father to a baby girl on
January 16th and we were the last ones to hear about it..
What transpired a week later to me is where a miracle has happened.
I was at the local SB store and whom do I see but my son..
His little sister ran up and hugged him while I just stood there wondering what to say Or do.

Finally I asked him what he was doing there.

To my surprise He was buying an entire beginners kit to SB the birth of his daughter..
He then invited us over to meet his new baby.

He took pictures of his little brother and sisters holding this new precious Life. He introduced us to his wife but she wasn't that thrilled to Meet us…But that is okay..
I don't know where we will go from Here but I do know if it hadn't been for Scrapbooking and being in That store on that day I still wouldn't have gotten to see my new Granddaughter..Who by the way looks just like

So for me scrapbooking has been a life preserver and I will always be grateful for learning this craft and even more grateful for a wonderful gal from Canada that has been part of that life preserver. If it hadn't been for Heather's swaps and Dmarie I wouldn't have met my life preservers. And without the encouragement and hints I probably wouldnt have continued scrapbooking. But then again my pocketbook wouldnt
be so empty

Linda C. in AZ

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