By AmyB., Dallas Ore
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A little touch of snow (L)Seasons/Winter
a little touch of snow (R)Seasons/Winter
A page by my sonPlaces/Beach
always my brotherPeople/Children A to B
always my brother (L)People/Children A to B
AN evening snow (L)Seasons/Winter
An evening snow (R)Seasons/Winter
at the beachPlaces/Beach
At the parkPlaces/Park
At the parkPlaces/Park
B-manPeople/Baby A to F
baby and bird 2Events/Anniversary
baby facePeople/Baby A to F
baby shower (L)Events/Birthday A to F
baby shower (L)People/Baby A to F
baby shower (R)Events/Birthday A to F
baby shower (R)People/Baby A to F
Beach BumPlaces/Beach
Beach BumsPlaces/Beach
Beary CutePeople/Children A to B
Bearycute girl(1)People/Baby A to F
Bearycute girl(2)People/Baby A to F
Beat the heatSeasons/Summer
Beautiful dreamerPeople/Baby A to F
BedtimePeople/Children A to B
BeeutifulPeople/Baby A to F
beeutiful2People/Baby A to F
Brace facePeople/Children A to B
Brady meets TyPeople/Children A to B
Brady's first day (L)People/Baby A to F
Brady's first day(R)People/Baby A to F
Brothers by chance...(L)People/Children A to B
Brothers by chance.....(R)People/Children A to B
bubblesPeople/Baby A to F
Bubbles are magic (L)People/Children A to B
Bubbles are magic (R)People/Children A to B
catching some airPeople/Children C to G
CheethPeople/Children C to G
coloringPeople/Children C to G
coloring (L)People/Children C to G
Coloring (L)People/Children C to G
Coloring (R)People/Children C to G
coloring (R)People/Children C to G
Crack upPeople/Baby A to F
cute as a button!People/Baby A to F
David loves the snowSeasons/Winter
Detroit Dam (L) Places/Misc. Places
Detroit Dam(L)Places/Misc. Places
Detroit Dam(R)Places/Misc. Places
Detroit Dam(R)Places/Misc. Places
down by the seaPlaces/Beach
Easter girlsHolidays/Easter
Faces (L)People/Children C to G
Faces (R)People/Children C to G
Fall Traditions (R)Seasons/Fall
Fall traditions(L)Seasons/Fall
Family(L)People/Children C to G
Family(R)People/Children C to G
first day of schoolPlaces/School
freinds by the seaPlaces/Beach
Friends foreverPeople/Friends
Friendship is..People/Friends
Friendship is...(L)People/Friends
Give me a SMOOCHPeople/Baby N to Z
going wildPlaces/Zoo
good clean funPeople/Baby A to F
good clean funPeople/Children A to B
Groovy costumeHolidays/Halloween
Halloween GhoulsHolidays/Halloween
happy BURRthday (L)Events/Birthday G to Z
happy BURRthday (R)Events/Birthday G to Z
HAY thereSeasons/Fall
Haylie bug (R)People/Baby G to M
Haylie bug (L)People/Baby G to M
Haylie loves AmberPeople/Baby G to M
Haylie NoellePeople/Baby G to M
Heaven SentPeople/Children H to M
I love my BrotherPeople/Children A to B
Its a boyPeople/Baby A to F
legomaniacPeople/Children H to M
Love my uncle...People/Misc. People
MT Hood (L)Places/Vacations
MT. hood (R)Places/Vacations
my first day(1)People/Baby A to F
My first day(2)People/Baby G to M
myroomPlaces/Home Sweet Home
ohbabyPeople/Baby N to Z
pet birdEvents/Anniversary
petting zooPlaces/Zoo
pocket palsPeople/Pets
puppylovePeople/Baby N to Z
Regatta park (L)Places/Park
Regatta park (R)Places/Park
Roads EndPlaces/Beach
Rock WalkPeople/Children N to S
Say it with flowers (L)People/Children C to G
Say it with flowers(R)People/Children C to G
shesallthat!People/Baby N to Z
ShhPeople/Children N to S
So lovedPeople/Children N to S
So prettyPeople/Baby N to Z
Stellar covePlaces/Zoo
sweet dreamsPeople/Baby N to Z
The Great Outdoors (L)Places/Misc. Places
The great Outdoors (R)Places/Misc. Places
the many faces..... (L)People/Children C to G
the many faces..... (R)People/Children C to G
toothless vapireHolidays/Halloween
Water and birds and sand, OH MY!People/Baby A to F
Way too cutePeople/Baby N to Z
we love fallSeasons/Fall
We love fall(R)Seasons/Fall
Whats in a name?(L)People/Baby N to Z
Whats in a name?(R)People/Baby N to Z
Wild about the zoo(L)Places/Zoo
Wild about the zoo(R)Places/Zoo
Winetr has arrived(L)Seasons/Winter
Winter has arrived(R)Seasons/Winter
you and me by the seaPlaces/Beach
you are loved (L)People/Baby N to Z
you are loved (R)People/Baby N to Z
you are my sunshinePeople/Baby A to F
you are my sunshinePeople/Baby N to Z

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