May, 1999

5/1/1999Little, Brown, Oval Things - Or: How I spent my Superbowl Weekend!, By: By Lyn Meeker, Tucson AZ.
5/2/1999Who is that little girl in the picture?, By: Sandee, Indiana
5/3/1999Untitled, By: By Carol, Lawrenceville, GA
5/4/1999The Heart Part, By: Mary Jane M.
5/5/1999Healing a hole in the heart of a family, By: Dreena
5/6/1999Memories Worth Keeping, By: By C. Hammon, Plantation Key, FL
5/7/1999PAST, PRESENT, & FUTURE, By: By Diana K., Hilton Head, SC
5/8/1999The Importance of Scrapbooking to Me....., By: Robin G.
5/9/1999Remembering Alex, By: by Karina, in IL
5/10/1999One Mom's Perspective, By: Margie M.
5/11/1999"Preserve your memories...they're all that's left you now" - (Simon and Garfunkel), By: Jan F.
5/12/1999Scrapping and Match Making, By: Quest
5/13/1999The Bigger Picture, By: kbt
5/14/1999A New Way of Looking at Life, By: by Scrapchris in Seattle,WA
5/15/1999Heritage, By: Michelle Franden
5/16/1999The Story of a Scrapbooker, By: Jessica G.

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