May, 2000

5/1/2000You Are Loved..., By: Diana K., Hilton Head, SC
5/2/2000Todd and Heidi, By: Penny M.
5/3/2000Ode to dMarie Bowl III - (For those who wish can be sung to "Home on the Range"), By: Lyn Meeker, Tucson AZ.
5/4/2000How Scrapbooking has changed my life!!!, By: Karyn Gardner, Elk Grove, CA
5/5/2000A Life of New Possibilities . . ., By: Retta, Indiana
5/6/2000Meeting the people I never knew, By: Michelle
5/7/2000What Scrapbooking Means to Me, By: Lori Jacobson
5/8/2000Why is scrapbooking important, By: L. Thomas
5/9/2000Scrapbooking Family History, By: By GBennett, Boise, ID
5/10/2000Me? Creative?, By: T. Longhurst,Ogden, UT
5/11/2000The Importance of Scrapbooking, By: Dee H.
5/12/2000Cailean's story, By: mum2three, Whitecourt, Alberta Canada
5/13/2000The Obsession, By: By Amy W. , Sioux Falls,SD
5/14/2000Taking the chore out of preserving my past, By: Heather Maxwell
5/15/2000The Most Beautiful Face I've Ever Seen, By: Melissa Price
5/16/2000"Green Scrap Book Please", By: Nancy T.
5/17/2000Tuesday Night Thereapy Sessons, By: Laurie in IA
5/18/2000Memories, By: Angie S
5/19/2000Why do love scrapbooking?, By: Barbara S. (barb)
5/20/2000Another side of me, By: Leisel C.
5/21/2000"Passion for Pics", By: Abi

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