April, 1999

4/1/1999Scrapbooking in Our Family, By: Debby F. (actually by my DS - 11 year old Matthew)
4/2/1999Even When It's Cold Outside Our Memories Keep Us Warm, By: Polly O
4/3/1999Glad I saw the Light, By: Beth G.
4/4/1999What scrapbooking is to me, By: Christy H.
4/5/1999Why I love scrapping, By: Margaret S.
4/6/1999My Scrapbooks are Like Treasures, By: Sheri F
4/7/1999Scrapbooking with Twins - Mother / Daughter bonding, By: Nancy C.
4/8/1999Untitled, By: Monica B.
4/9/1999Scrapbooking is My Life!, By: Hilary M
4/10/1999Creating Bonds, By: Chris E.
4/11/1999Scrapbooking SAVED my life!, By: jBuckenmyer, Knoxville, TN
4/12/1999Something in Common, By: Shelly R.
4/13/1999How Scrapbooking has changed my life, By: by Donna, Konawa, OK
4/14/1999The Blessings of Memories, By: Michelle O.
4/15/1999Scrapbooking Gives Us Roots, By: Cara S.
4/16/1999Scrapbooking...More Than Preserving Memories!, By: Karri D
4/17/1999Untitled, By: Shirley, St. Augustine, Florida
4/18/1999Ode to Scrapbooking, By: Susan B.
4/19/1999Why I Love Scrapbooking, By: Joanna G.
4/20/1999Scrapbooking For Teenagers, By: Donna M.
4/21/1999Has it changed my life? You bet it has!, By: Monika R.
4/22/1999A Lifetime of Memories, By: Karen Ramirez-Smith
4/23/1999Grandma's Books, By: By Shannon, Mesa, AZ
4/24/1999Precious Moments, By: Shirley, St. Augustine, Florida
4/25/1999My New-found Hobby, By: mellie
4/26/1999Why I Love Scrapbooking, By: Cheryl K. (Sherry in GA)
4/27/1999Why I Love Scrapbooking, By: Cheryl K. (Sherry in GA)
4/28/1999Scrapbooking Has Changed My Life!, By: Theresa S.
4/29/1999SCRAPBOOKING AND ME, By: Donna T.
4/30/1999The Best Hobby I Ever Had, By: Tammy Cousin

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