March, 2000

3/1/2000Moments Shared , By: Christina R. Acevedo-Gomez
3/2/2000Scrapbooking - An investment in the things which last, By: Maria
3/3/2000Why do I love Scrapbooking, By: Cie, Pleasanton, CA
3/4/2000Untitled, By: Betty S
3/5/2000Why is scrapbooking important, By: Mona W
3/6/2000On the eighth day God Created Scrappin', By: pammie, BC Canada
3/7/2000Why I Love to Scrapbook, By: By Nina, Mason, OH
3/8/2000You are so smart!, By: Susan T.
3/9/2000I love scrapbooking, By: By Joyce Trowbridge,Powell,TENN
3/10/2000Scrapbooking connects generations for eternity, By: Lisa G.
3/11/2000Scrapbooking Passions, By: Bmanry, Va Beach, Va
3/12/2000Connections, By: Vonnie Kaylor
3/13/2000Untitled, By: Bayou Belle, Louisiana
3/14/2000The Wonderful Legacy of Scrapbooks, By: Maryellen G.
3/15/2000Scrapbooks touch the dead and the unborn!, By: By Jessica, Highlands Ranch, CO
3/16/2000Scrapbooking in Reflection to me, By: tara
3/17/2000"What do you mean I can't use Scotch Tape?"--Confessions of a Scrapbooker, By: Carmen P.
3/18/2000My Scrapbook, By: Mindy D.
3/19/2000Always Dream, By: Lyndy L.
3/20/2000"It's nice to see you do this again.", By: A.J. from Idaho Falls, ID
3/21/2000Straight From The Heart, By: Sheila K, St. Louis, MO
3/22/2000Untitled, By: By Shana in Washington
3/23/2000Scraps of Life, Scraps of Love, By: Jules,Cincinnati, OH
3/24/2000I LOVE Scrapbooking!!!, By: Tricia Santiago
3/25/2000Scrappy Love, By: Marianne Talaugon
3/26/2000I KNOW I am Addicted to Scrapbooking, By: Lyn Meeker, Tucson AZ.
3/27/2000Why I like to scrapbook, By: Arian Nowakoski-age 7
3/28/2000Scappin' for Love!, By: Danae Troutman
3/29/2000Creating a Family Legacy for "My Three Sons", By: Deborah Cleckley
3/30/2000A Dad's Life, By: maureen d.
3/31/2000Why I Scrapbook, By: By Rhonda S., Fairfield, CA

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