April, 2002

4/1/2002An Uncomfortable Moment, By: Kimberly L.
4/2/2002What an escape!, By: Anissa Stringer
4/3/2002I Love Scrapbooking Because it's CHEAP!!!, By: Anissa Stringer
4/4/2002What do I like most about dMarie.com?, By: Stkjock
4/5/2002How scapbooking changed my life, By: Abby Ross
4/6/2002My new friends, By: susan wilson
4/7/2002Has scrapbooking changed my life?, By: Susan in IA, Cedar Falls, IA
4/8/2002I love the dMarie Challenge Board!, By: Anissa Stringer
4/9/2002DMarie does it better...in every way, By: Abby Ross
4/10/2002Scrapbooking has Changed my Life, By: Patty in Pa.
4/11/2002Importance of Scrapbooking To Me, By: Goofy
4/12/2002I love scrapbooking because..., By: Kristin Keller
4/13/2002Scrapbooking - More Than Just a Hobby, By: Kristin Keller
4/14/2002Why do I love scrapbooking?, By: Lori W.
4/15/2002Producing memories for my daughter and accomplishments for me, By: Terra, Springfield, GA
4/16/2002What I like most about dMarie.com, By: Andrea S.
4/17/2002Why I love scrapbooking, By: Andrea S.
4/18/2002How has scrapbooking changed my life?, By: Andrea S.
4/19/2002Scrapbooking has opened a whole new world to me!, By: Aussie Bear
4/20/2002Scrapbooking is my Therapy, By: Anissa Stringer
4/21/2002Scrapbooking why it is important to me!, By: cropmom
4/22/2002Scrapbooking as a Money-Saver, By: maria simms
4/23/2002Why I Scrapbook, By: Jackie Ortgies
4/24/2002To dMarie or not to dMarie that is the question?, By: Cropmom
4/25/2002Addicted to dMarie.com, By: Jackie Ortgies
4/26/2002How Scrapbooking Has Changed My Life, By: Jackie Ortgies
4/27/2002I love to Scrapbook, By: By Loretta, Overland Park, KS
4/28/2002What does Scrapbookin mean to me?, By: Teresa J. VanHoose
4/29/2002Why I like Dmarie..., By: By Loretta, Overland Park, KS
4/30/2002Why is Scrapbooking Important?, By: Sherry in WV

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