April, 2001

4/1/2001Untitled, By: Lisa D.
4/2/2001What I like most about dMarie.com, By: Donna D
4/3/2001What I like most about dMarie, By: Kitkat
4/4/2001Pink Glass Elephants, By: Mary Imm
4/5/2001What do I love most about dMarie.com?, By: By Sherri, OH
4/6/2001What i like most about dMarie.com, By: Joan K. Pocatello, ID
4/7/2001Untitled, By: michelle b
4/8/2001Why Do I Love Scrapbooking?, By: By Sherri, OH
4/9/2001What dMarie means to me, By: Lyn Meeker, Tucson AZ.
4/10/2001What do I like most about dMarie.com?, By: Jenny Waite, Michigan
4/11/2001Why Scrapbooking Is Important To Me, By: Tracy Beard
4/12/2001dmarie rocks!, By: T Schapiro
4/13/2001I sure was a cute baby, huh Mom?, By: Christy P
4/14/2001Scrapbooking has changed my life, By: T Schapiro
4/15/2001The Miracle of Scrapbooking, By: linda c.
4/16/2001One Scrapbook Changed Lives and Relationships!, By: MemBooker
4/17/2001Why I Love Scrapbooking, By: bennie, Murray, UT
4/18/2001Why I love Scrapbooking.., By: Christina Sipiora
4/19/2001Scrapbooking Helped Healed My Heart, By: Kristen Haywood
4/20/2001Inspiration, By: ~Brandy Ann, Taylorsville, UT
4/21/2001Connections, By: Diane M.
4/22/2001It Lowers My Blood Pressure..., By: Cathy Gray
4/23/2001Thank you, dMarie!, By: bennie, Murray, UT
4/24/2001What I like the most about dMarie.com, By: Farah delPilar
4/25/2001I've caught the scrapbooking bug!, By: Melinda del Pilar , E.Norriton, PA
4/26/2001Scrapbooking Has Changed My Life, By: Kelly C
4/27/2001Why is scrapbooking important?, By: Jenny Waite, Michigan
4/28/2001Why do I love scrapbooking?, By: Jenny Waite, Michigan
4/29/2001Untitled, By: Amy M.
4/30/2001Why Do I Scrapbook?, By: Luann , Las Vegas, NV

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